About us

Hungarian Roots is the main genealogy research company for people with Hungarian and Hungarian Jewish roots. Our enterprise was started by Karesz Vandor, a Hungarian Jewish genealogist in order to help people find their Hungarian Jewish roots in the region once called Greater Hungary. His Hungarian Jewish genealogy focus area includes current-day Hungary, Slovakia, Transylvanian part of Romania, Subcarpathian Ukraine. People of Hungarian and Hungarian Jewish ancestry aiming to get Hungarian citizenship can also turn to us if they need Hungarian birth, marriage or death certificates for the application.

With the challenges we have been facing in the COVID-19 epidemic, we have decided to offer our clients two new types of services. Please get in touch with us to learn more about them:
– online genealogy consultation
– ancestral tours online

Hungarian Jewish Genealogy Research

The Greek word ‘Genealogy’ stands for ‘the study and tracing of family lineages and history’. But there is a lot more to it! Pale memories of small villages where your parents grew up, the smell of the temple or the shul, the flavor of the sabbath cholent, memories of your grandparents telling you about their Hungarian Jewish background. Births, weddings, funerals. And of course, a lot of old, yellowish photographs with unreadable handwriting at the back…

We also run Hungarian Jewish Tours giving Jewish heritage tours in Hungary and Budapest. Being one of the most energetic and knowledegable Budapest Jewish guides we bring your closer to the past of Hungarian Jewry and your family. What we offer you goes far beyond a simple Hungarian Jewish family research! Your ultimate satisfaction is guaranteed by our enthusiasm, knowledge about Hungarian Jewish life, customs and communities.

You may as well be willing to have your ancestral documents translated. We can do that in any of the following languages: Hungarian, English, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, German.

What do you have to do if you are interested in our services? Just contact us via any of our availabilities and let us listen to your needs, to what you are looking for and let us tell you how we work. We just need some information to be able to start: copies of birth, marriage or death records, names and dates.

Besides English, you can also communicate with us in Hungarian, Russian and a bit of Yiddish, Hebrew or German.

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