Impress and Data Processing Information

Owner of the website: Vándor Károly, sole proprietor

Location: 2120 Dunakeszi, Karolina u. 11., Hungary
Membership: Pest county chamber of commerce and industry

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Data Protection Information

Name, address, contact details of Data processor: Vándor Károly sole proprietor, address: 2120 Dunakeszi, Karolina u. 11., tel: +36-30-546-6950, e-mail:,
Processed data:

  1. Full name, short name, telephone and cell number, address of natural persons and partner companies (for invoicing and order fulfillment purposes).
  2. Because of one-to-one authorizations required in front of state registry and other offices needed for genealogical research purposes: full name and birth name of natural persons, their mother’s maiden name, their full residential address, their place and date of birth, and number of a photo identification document (passport, ID, driver’s license) and relation to the people whose documents we are requesting.
  3. Because of one-to-one authorizations required in front of state registry and other offices needed for genealogical research purposes: full and short name of partner company, registration number, address, contact details and nature and type of eligibility.

Goal of data processing:

  1. Ensuring order fulfillment and success of invoicing.
  2. Creation of authorizations required in front of state registry and other offices needed for genealogical research purposes.

Forms of data processing:

  1. E-mail messages storage on computers and the server of the storage space provider (see list of eligible processors).
  2. Storage of data in Excel (xls, xlsx) format.


Circle of the ones affected: clients and authorizers who can be natural persons and companies. Later:  Clients
Circle of data processors eligible to access data:

  1. Hungarian Post in order to ensure its natural business activity, namely, delivery of letters and other types of mail items can learn the names and address of the addresses.
  2. Copies of incoming and outgoing e-mail messages are stored on the servers of Intrex-Hosting Kft. (8000 Székesfehérvár, Nyitrai utca 49/4. Telefon: +36 1 987 6859)

Duration of data processing: We are storing data for a maximum of 10 years and we are reviewing these data on December 20th every year except if the clients are asking for viewing, modification or deletion of their data.

Clients can ask the data processor at any time to view, modify, correct and delete their data provided by them upon registration, mailing in a written form (mail or e-mail). Request to modify, view and delete data and other items we are reply within 36 hours in an e-mail message. Letters sent to us by mail will be answered in a mail letter as well, right after having received the requests but in a maximum of 8 calendar days (time elapsed from receipt of the original request to the certified mailing of the answer).

Client is eligible to receive the data provided by them in a detailed, widely known, electronically accessible format (xls, xlsx) via the Internet (e-mail) for free. They are eligible to forward their data to another data processor (forwarding and sharing of one’s data) if it is technically viable.

Other rights:

  1. Rights of making data be forgotten: If data processor shared the data with others and has to delete them, he is making the logically approvable steps, with considering the available technologies and fulfillment costs, including technical measures, in order to inform other data processors that the client has asked them to delete copies or secondary copies of personal data or the links to those.
  2. Rights to limit data processing: The affected client is eligible to ask the data processor to limit data processing if clients are debating the punctuality of data in question (limitation refers to the time spent on checking the punctuality of data), or if the data processing is against the law and the clients are asking to limit processing of data instead of deleting them, or if the client protested against the data processing (and in this case the limitation refers to the time until it is concluded whether lawful reasons precede over those of the client).

This information is valid from May 15, 2018

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