Ancestral tours

As I also run Hungarian Jewish Tours giving Jewish heritage tours in Hungary, many of my walks contain some extent of genealogy. Because of this, what I offer goes beyond a simple Hungarian Jewish family research! If you have Hungarian ancestry, together we can create an ever-lasting experience. We combine tailored ancestral tours with on-site genealogical research together.

Thus, your ultimate satisfaction is not only guaranteed by my enthusiasm, knowledge about Hungarian Jewish life, but also by your personal involvement! Your ancestral tours will be full of fun, information but also lot of touching and moving moments that will stay with you forever!

Hungary is a country rich in history and famous people. We are very unique in many means. For example, we have a strange and perhaps one of the most complex languages. Probably, we have the most Nobel Prize winners per capita in the world. Not to mention Hollywood actors and actresses, studio owners, directors of Hungarian ancestry.

Walking the streets of Budapest and other cities is fun and informative with me. But if you actually have Hungarian ancestry, why not make the most out of it? Ancestral tours have a great advantage over either a genealogy research or a guided tour: they combine both! When you see the documents yourself, or your find them with my help, the feeling can’t be beaten! Or when you go to small villages in rural Slovakia just to tip over the grave of your great-grandfather, you are guaranteed to have goosebumps! (so am I, by the way!)

Hungarian Roots

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