Hungarian genealogy research

Hungarian Jewish genealogy research

A couple of names, places and dates are usually enough to start our genealogy research. The results of a Hungarian genealogy research depend on many factors. For example, the punctuality of the aforementioned data clearly have a strong impact on the outcome.

The Hungarian Jewish genealogy research process looks like the following: Once you entrust Hungarian Roots with the search, I start with the generations closer and start stepping back generation by generation. During the work I may turn to you with additional questions and give you constant feedback. Of course, once I have reached the farthest possible ancestor, I can start mapping the family chart (using various family chart softwares). Or, as an option, we could try to find new relatives and cousins. I do Hungarian Jewish ancestry research as if I would be doing it for myself. My enthusiasm is one of the key driving factors.

You may as well be willing to have your ancestral documents (letters, certificates, captions) translated. We may help you with documents in any of these six languages: Hungarian, English, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, German.

How much do we charge for our Hungarian Jewish genealogy services? You would pay for the time, energy, and expenses (efforts) invested by us and not for the direct results. Results in the genealogy research are not something you can totally plan or predict. It might happen that we find everything you want within some days with low expenses. And in some extreme cases (when, for example, registry books were burnt, stolen, or too big city) we will have to put more efforts to find any information for you. But if you have some good starting information, the chances for us to be successful are really high. Please get in touch with us to get a personalized offer.

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